The Cinderella Solution

Is the Cinderella solution worth the hype?


Obesity and related body problems plague millions of women across the world today. These conditions are common to both males and females but females seem to be more susceptible.

In the world of the medical sciences, being a woman means you have a higher risk factor for many undesirable health conditions. Our bodies are a little more complicated than our male counterparts.  So if you're a woman, on another typical day, the odds are stacked up against you.

Motivational speakers say things like, "regardless of how you look, maintain positive energy." Sadly, this is only pragmatic in a world that glamorizes tight bodies.


In the real world, body-shaming and other related evils have a field day. The key to a sense of high self-esteem and acceptance is a positive perception of your body as a woman.

News flash: obesity or fat accumulation in unwanted places makes this very difficult. Cinderella Solution offers a lasting solution to a natural problem.


Let's, for a moment, pretend the aesthetics of your body doesn't matter. Let's pretend it’s shallow thinking to despise overweight conditions.

Even then, it is impossible to disregard the health challenges excess weight creates. Even the mildest overweight condition can pose a greater risk for your health.

Major conditions like these include the following

  • Atherosclerosis.
  • Heart attacks.
  • Hypertension.
  • Strokes.
  • Diabetes.
  • Cancer, to name a few.

Ultimately, in every sense, and from every perspective, being overweight is bad news.


Never mind that Cinderella was a Disney blockbuster movie from the 1900s.  She was in every sense of the word, a damsel.  She believed in herself, in her hopes, in her vision. Most importantly, she believed that the magical could happen.

Remember how being a woman puts you at greater risk of undesirable health issues? In the same vein, a female-only fault-line is triggered in your early 20's.

So, it causes a gradual idiopathic weight gain.  A woman’s body is hardwired to gain weight. The internet tells you to diet and exercise.  Regardless of what they say, there's still a 90% chance you'd end up over-weight in about 30 years.

The idiopathic weight-gain once puberty ends is due to a fundamentally ingrained problem. Now you know why many solutions the internet offers either don’t work at all, or are only temporary. 

Enter, the Cinderella Solution program. If it’s as true as they say, it should be your last bus-stop in this winding search for the right answer.

You're about to find out why. We know you've heard this line one too many times before. But, let's examine the product in more detail.


  • It is suitable for all ages. As long as you have a weight problem, you can use this program; whether you’re 25 or 65.
  • There's no need to spend extra money on pills or supplements.
  • It is not necessary to hit the gym. This is a more technical way of losing weight.
  • Helps you lose weight about six times faster than the best of the alternatives.


  • Recipes can be complicated.
  • No alternatives for Vegans


Why doesn’t this ridiculous weight gain happen during puberty? During puberty, the body prevents excess fat accumulation. 

By the age of 20, when most are done with puberty, our bodies fat burning system slows way down. With the loss of this inhibition, the body has a license to gain weight.

The Cinderella Solution is a program that awakens this hibernating fat-torching giant. Hence, the Cinderella Solution is in-directly responsible for weight loss.  It is, in fact, your body that wages the war. Cinderella Solutions is only a required catalyst.

It is designed to achieve radical weight reduction in only 28 days. Unlike the other programs you know, it is less rigorous and has a more direct approach.

The Cinderella Solution hinges on a combination of different food types. These spark a specific reaction in the body. Based on the Japanese shoku-iku and refined by Carly Donovan for the western diet, these food combinations in their required proportion are products of hundreds of hours of research and development.

For best results, it is advised that you do this with a low impact workout. This is not necessary. That’s right. The Cinderella Solution is nothing alien. It is the simplest things that wield the most power.

The program is structurally divided into two phases, each lasting 14 days. They are:

Carly in her old fat jeans

1. Ignite Phase

You are required to eat three meals daily compulsorily. This sets the stage for the needed hormone regulation.

2. Launch Phase

Unlike the Ignite phase, the Launch phase requires you to consume four meals daily. Each meal is a unique combination of different food types.  For example, two of these combinations include the following:

  • Mint and green tea.
  • Apples and chocolate.
Cinderella solutions package(s)
Cinderella accelerator


Q1. What kind of product is the Cinderella Solution? 

No, it's not a product, like green teas or some kind of pill. 

Cinderella Solution is a  Complete Fat Loss System, created by Cary Donovan.  

Q2. What does the program contain?

The Cinderella Solution program contains the following:

A main manual: This explains the role and functions of hormones in weight loss. It is subsequently divided into four parts.

Quick start guide

Movement sequencing guide: Explains the low impact workouts. Note that this section is not compulsory, but it is advised.

Bonus daily nutritional blueprint: Gives a living example of Carry Donovan's steps. She achieved a stunning 84-pound weight loss.

Cinderella university book: Outlines factors that cause weight gain and loss in women. 

Q3. I have significant health problems. Will this program work for me?

The goal of the Cinderella solution program is to achieve weight loss. When followed it will achieve this regardless of the health challenges you may have.

Q4. Does it cure common diseases like diabetes?

The Cinderella solution program is not suitable as a medical treatment. Generally, it promotes a healthy life empowering your immune system and bringing your body back to a state of balance.

Q5. Am I too old for the program?

One of the very effective facts about Cinderella Solution is that it is no respecter of age. Regardless of your age, it can help you achieve weight loss.

Q6. What is the cost of the program?

You get everything plus the free gifts for $37.00


Every woman living hates excessive weight gain. I'd have said it does more harm than good, but there's nothing good about being over weight.

Aside from the typical health risks and aesthetic issues, it poses significant psychological problems. An example is depression.

The Cinderella Solution program promises a way to put a permanent end to a recurring problem.

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