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What is Resurge™?  
Does Resurge™ Work?



In this Resugre Review, we discuss the pricing claims you see from the many different websites online - Click Here

Resurge was developed by John Barban, a leading expert in the development of weight-loss and nutrition programs.  

He holds degrees in the fields of nutrition, physiology, and biology, and taught human performance at the acclaimed University of Florida.  

According to Creator of Resurge -
This is what you need to know

John Barban

John Barban

Creator of Resurge™

If you are suffering from excess belly fat, accelerated aging, or any degenerative disease, what I'm going to share with you is about to change your life for the better in every way that counts...forever

Lose The Weight

Restore your youthful metabolism and finally fire up your fat burning machine.

Reduce The Signs of Aging

Slow down the signs of aging and give your body the restorative boost it needs to keep you looking young and healthy.

Regain Your Energy

Enjoy more youthful energy and experience life the way it was meant to be.

The Science

Many people don't get enough deep, regenerative sleep starting around their 30s. Deep sleep is what we don't get. It's the deep, regenerative phase that helps us heal and regulates our metabolism (aka metabolism).

It doesn't matter how many hours of sleep you get each night. This one phase is crucial for the health and performance of your whole body. Your immune system, brain, heart, and metabolism all depend on it.

The Somnologist

The Somnologist claims that the majority of medical professionals have it wrong regarding sleep. Scientists are just beginning to understand how our sleep patterns affect our fitness, health, and quality of life.

According to the doctor, deep sleep is when your body goes through a remarkable restorative process called metabolic renewal.

The metabolic regeneration process is responsible for everything, good and bad, as well as your overall health. All vital tissues are restored. This includes your brain. The brain's cells are regenerated and the proteins are removed. This allows you to retain memory, improve cognitive function, and your body to naturally release its most important fat-burning, metabolic boosting, and cell revitalizing hormone.

The Hormone

This rejuvenating hormone, according to the somnologist is 100% natural and naturally occurs in the body. Anti-aging physicians consider it to be the fountain to youth because of its incredible ability to reverse the clock in all aspects.

As if that weren't enough, you can also restore energy and revitalize your libido. Enhance vision. Strengthen and tone lean muscles, melt body fat, and boost metabolism.

You may guess that he's referring to the incredible rejuvenating effects this hormone has on your entire body. This is the same hormone we drank in great abundance as a teenager called Human Growth Hormone.

Naturally occurring (produced by our bodies)


Let's now return to metabolic regeneration. This is the critical stage of deep sleep, where all of our metabolic regeneration takes place. You may now be able to see the damage that a lack of deep sleep can cause, which is commonly known as shallow sleep syndrome.

Our natural hormone production and release are stopped. This means that you are effectively saying goodbye to the possibility of fast fat-burning, cell regeneration, and explosive energy. Instead, you will be dealing with premature age, weight gain, and slow metabolism that is resistant to diet or exercise.

The Belly Fat

The bad news is that lack of sleep drastically elevates the levels of cortisol, a hormone responsible for storing belly fat. Cortisol converts any food, no matter how healthy, to the most harmful form of fat: visceral fat. It then deposits it onto your stomach.

This doesn't only increase your waistline. You can grab visceral fat from your abdomen, or even more, and it can strain your vital organs. This can cause a host of health problems.

Lack of sleep causes your appetite-suppressing hormone, leptin to stop being released. It also increases the hunger hormone, ghrelin. This can make it more difficult for you to eat as well as making you feel hungry.

The Sleep

You may think that you are getting enough sleep because you stay in bed for 7 to 8 hours. However, this is not the case.

Recent studies have shown that shallow sleep syndrome is the common factor in all women and men over 40 years old who are unable to lose weight using a restricted diet and an exercise program. This makes perfect sense.

It is important to remember that the number of hours of sleep you get at night does not reflect how much deep sleep you are getting. This one phase is crucial for the health and performance of your whole body. Your immune system, brain, heart, and metabolism all depend on it.

Gyms, Health Foods & Fad Diets

Look around. You will find more fat-burning supplements, health foods, diets, and exercise programs than ever. For decades, they have been growing like wildflowers.

We are getting fatter, sicker, and more obese every year. If we don't get deep sleep we can't expect any different. Deep sleep is the only regenerative type of deep sleeping that will allow us to improve our overall health and reduce fat.

The Development

John Barban successfully created the first nutrition formula that naturally improves deep sleep and promotes metabolic renewal.

Does Resurge Work?

The company immediately sent Resurge over 1000 subjects aged 40 and older who were experiencing the same inexorable weight gains. It was impossible for them to lose weight with exercise and diet.

They were shocked at the results. In just weeks, all 1,000 diet- and exercise-resistant test subjects experienced dramatic weight loss.

A staggering 32,434-pound weight loss was achieved by the group. This was almost equally split between men and women. The visceral fat was gone, the metabolism was reactivated, and energy levels soared. All of the major indicators of health improved markedly.

What is Resurge

Resurge, the only anti-aging nutrition protocol with clinical evidence that can cure unexplained weight gain and stubborn belly fat.

Eight special nutrients are included in Resurge, which is a unique blend of ingredients that have been scientifically shown to significantly improve deep sleep quality and promote natural metabolism regeneration.

The market has never seen anything quite like Resurge. Because it doesn't rely on diet and exercise, this formula naturally unlocks your true fat-burning potential.

Directions: Take 4 capsules of Resurge 30 minutes before you go to bed. Your body will take care of the rest. It's possible to look younger, more energetic, and healthier every day by simply taking 4 Resurge capsules before bed. Resurge is made in America in an FDA-approved facility. It is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified. The strictest, most precise and sterilized standards are followed.

Resurge, a natural and vegetarian non-GMO product, is completely safe. It also comes with a guarantee of 60 days without questions.

FYI ~ The Scoop on Pricing!

 According to the Resurge Review, The Creator of Resurge™ John Barban controls and maintains one price for all websites online that promote Resurge™ and all websites online link back to the manufactures website when you're ready to order.  So don't be taken in by slick Ads on Google promising deep discounts....every new Resurge customer pays the same promo price no matter what website you are on.  Most of these websites that make wild claims, promoting deep discounts are not located in the US or Canada.  We are a US based Weight Loss Review and Overview company that only promotes products that have a solid track record and cover the US & Canadian markets. 

The creator of Resurge

John Barban is the founder of Resurge. He has developed programs and products in the nutrition and weight loss industry for many years.

John holds a Master's Degree in Human Biology and Nutrition.

John spent the majority of his time in the industry for 8 years researching and creating weight-loss and dietary supplements.

He consults with supplement companies regarding product and formula development. He has created or worked with many brands, including Slimquick and NxLabs.

John Barban
Creator of RESURGE

More Information


Resurge is backed by a 60 day, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee. If trying Resurge doesn’t turn out to be the best decision you’ve ever made, or if you change your mind for any reason whatsoever, just let them know anytime within the 60 days and they’ll refund you the purchase price right away - no questions asked.


100% All-Natural
FDA Approved
GMP Certified

Scientific References

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Resurge Review FAQ's
From the manufacture

Does resurge really work to help you lose weight?

Because it boosts your metabolism, Resurge also aids in faster fat burning. This may result in the user losing weight rapidly and easily without any lifestyle changes.

Is it possible to see the results of Resurge in a short time?

Resurge should be used every night at least for 2 months in order to show results. A minimum of 2 months or more daily use will result in a normalization of sleep quality, hormonal balance, and a boost to metabolic function.

How many bottles should I order?

For 90-180 days, you should do a resurge. It will help you reach your weight goals, and keep them there. Take advantage of our discounted 3- or 6-bottle packages. The special pricing will not be available beyond the end of stock. We sell out quicker than we ever imagined. Resurge is not available to purchase less than it is today. You should purchase the minimum amount of 90 to 180 days.

Are you able to use Resurge safely?

Resurge is 100% natural and safe. Each day thousands of people love and take Resurge. Side effects of Resurge have not been reported. Resurge capsules were manufactured in America by a GMP (good manufacturing practices) accredited facility. Resurge's standards of quality are the most stringent. Resurge's products are all-natural, vegan, and non-GMO. Consult your doctor before you start any treatment.

Does Resurge work?

Simply put: YES! Resurge has never been seen before in health history. Resurge is the original and only anti-aging nutrition program. It targets the root causes of unexplained weight gains, stubborn stomach fat, and slow metabolism. Eight nutrients are included in Resurge that have been scientifically demonstrated to enhance deep sleep, natural metabolism, and overall health. Now it is possible to lose weight, improve your health and reverse the clock.

How should I take Resurge?

You should take Resurge at least 30 minutes before going to bed.

Is Resurge available for shipping within the next 48 hours?

The order will be delivered directly to your home, office, or business using FedEx or UPS. You can expect to receive your order within five to seven days if you're located in the US and Canada. For international customers, orders usually take 8-15 business days plus the customs clearance period. Postal delivery times can be affected by Covid-19.

After placing an order, what other fees will I be charged?

None. Just a one-time payment. This payment is non-automatic. There aren't any hidden charges.

What if Resurge doesn't work for me personally?

John believes Resurge will produce, life-changing results, more than any other product. So, Resurge is backed by a 100% guarantee of satisfaction, with no questions asked, for 60 days. It will be easy to start using this service. If it isn't the right decision, Resurge will immediately refund you your payment. It is very simple to contact John and his team at Resurge. 

In case you want it

More info relating to our Resurge Supplement Review

Plus an in-depth section on the Resurge ingredients

What is the Resurge Fat Burner Pill?

Resurge is a weight loss supplement that targets sleep and metabolism.

It's not easy to lose weight. It gets more difficult as you age. This is why there are so many diet pills available. Unfortunately, many of these diet pills do not work. The FDA warns that weight loss supplements are the most popular product in which it has received more complaints of scams than any other.

Have you ever been concerned about being overweight? Did you ever lose sleep because of it? You might have thought that your lack of sleep could be the cause of your bulges.

Many struggle with losing weight. Many weight loss products have appeared on the market. Not all of them are effective. Many of these are scams.

Resurge is a great weight loss option if you have not found any other methods that work for you. It can be ordered from the official website on this page. It is the easiest way to lose weight.

The revolutionary weight loss supplement Resurge has more to offer that you can imagine. It's different than other fat burners on the market.

Resurge is here to help you reach your weight loss goals in a healthy manner


Many factors can work together to help you lose weight quicker. Resurge uses ingredients that increase sleep quality, improve metabolism, and boost immunity.

Resurge Guarantee

You get a 100 percent money-back guarantee on this product. You can return the product and receive your money back if you aren't satisfied or don't see the results you desire within 60 days.

How is Resurge Shipped?

The product is shipped directly by Resurge to your home or office. If the shipping address is in the USA or Canada, delivery can be expected within 5-10 business days. International orders will take between 8-15 business days.

Is Resurge effective?

The all-in-one Resurge supplement torches fat naturally from the body without using toxic chemicals. It targets stubborn areas such as the hips, thighs and belly that are difficult to lose excess fat.

Resurge can increase your metabolism and help you burn more calories after and during a workout. Resurge prevents your body storing fat which causes bulges around your hips and legs.

The Resurge weight loss supplement includes a comprehensive usage manual. It is easy to get used to it. Each bottle contains 120 capsules.

Before you go to bed, take four pills and a glass water. It is important to take the medication every day. You should not exceed the recommended dose unless a healthcare professional has advised.

The dietary supplement is designed for those who have sleep problems. Get a good night of sleep with Resurge. There will be no interruptions.

Who Should Take Resurge and Who Shouldn't?

If you are under 18 years of age, it is a good idea to consult your doctor before including this weight loss supplement in your diet. People with existing medical conditions can also consult their doctor about how to use this supplement.

However, it is important to be cautious about what you put in your body. You should not swallow it whole with water.

You should also be aware that other drugs can alter the chemical composition of your drug and could cause side effects.

However, it is important to be cautious about what you put in your body. You should not swallow it whole with water. You should also be aware that other drugs can alter the chemical composition of your drug and could cause side effects.

Where can I purchase Resurge?

It is best to purchase the genuine thing directly from the manufacturer. You'll find a link on the site. Go to the official website to place your order. This ensures you get the original product.  Resurge is also affordable. It has no side effects so it is worth giving it a shot. You can ask for a full refund if you are not satisfied with the product.  You can also get Resurge on the official website with a 60-day money back guarantee.

What is the manufacture of Resurge's primary goal? 

Resurge's primary goal is to increase metabolism. While this is something that many weight loss products share, Resurge approaches the issue from a different angle: sleep. Your metabolism is dependent on your sleep cycles, and the deep sleep stage.

Your metabolism will slow down during sleep but this is a recovery period. Your metabolism will become lethargic throughout the day if you don't get enough sleep or you experience disturbed sleep that doesn't allow you to sleep deep. Your body will stop being able to properly process insulin, making it easier to store excess fat.

A functioning metabolism helps you burn fat faster, is less likely to store fat, and allows you to satisfy your hunger quicker.

This has many health benefits. Having more energy can make it easier to exercise, and help you get the most out of your efforts. A better night's sleep can also improve your mental acuity. You will make better decisions and be less inclined to succumb to your negative impulses.

Resurge Ingredients

The Resurge supplements's primary ingredients are: Ashwagandha (150mg), Griffonia simplicifolia (100mg), – L-arginine (1200mg), – L-lysine (1200mg), – L-theanine (220mg), - Magnesium (5mg), - Magnesium (10mg), - Melatonin (10mg), & Zinc (15mg).

These ingredients and all the others found in Resurge can also be classified into four core categories. These groups will help you to understand what Resurge does, and how it does so.

Stress is a significant factor in weight gain, and other health problems. Stress can cause disruptions in the sleep cycle, which can result in a vicious cycle. Suboptimal sleep puts the body under constant stress. L-theanine and ashwagandha were selected for their proven ability in reducing stress response.

L-arginine and L-lysine are two of the most critical ingredients in the metabolic renewal matrix. These are both naturally occurring amino acids, which are frequently used in weight loss products. These amino acids are also used in bodybuilding supplements. Deep sleep is an important phase of your body's regeneration. L-lysine, which is included in this supplement, is basically fuel that stimulates muscle growth and aids the body to repair itself by rebuilding proteins. L-arginine is a vasodilator. It increases cell metabolism and blood flow by widening blood vessels.

Resurge's most important ingredient is undoubtedly melatonin. It is the key to distinguishing this product from other weight loss products. The body naturally produces melatonin when it prepares to sleep. This is why a bedtime routine can be so beneficial for good sleep and overall health. This dose of melatonin is quite strong. This helps you get to sleep quicker and makes your sleep easier once you're there.

Resurge also includes daily values of magnesium and zinc. These minerals have many uses, but they are especially important for melatonin production, relaxation, and sleep. People may be concerned about taking too much zinc and magnesium in multivitamins. For adults, the recommended maximum intake is 40mg zinc and 350mg magnesium. These values are unlikely to be exceeded by Resurge and a multivitamin. You should not take multiple supplements that may exceed these limits. Talk to your doctor before you stop taking them.

Resurge Supplement side effects? Is Resurge safe to use?

Yes. Yes. Resurge is legal and safe. Resurge is completely safe and made with natural ingredients. Resurge does not contain fillers, chemicals, allergens, or GMOs (genetically modified organisms). The FDA has approved the product and GMP certified it. The supplement has also been subject to extensive clinical testing to confirm its effectiveness and ensure that there are no side effect for the public. The supplement's ingredients have also been subject to extensive research.

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